1. A term used by the British to describe all Americans.
2. A term used by American Southerners to a. describe Union Forces during the American Civil War; b. Post Civil War reference to Americans from non-Southern States.
3. Slang for male masterbastion.
4. A term to describe pulling something very hard and fast (see number 3)
1. "Oh, God! Its a Yank!"
2. a. "Its a Yank! Shoot it!
b. John Boy: "he called you a Yank, Billy Bob"! Billy Bob: "No body call my a Yank!I am going to shoot you, you Limey Bastard!"
3. "Are you yanking that thing again" or "go yank your wanker"
4. "I yanked it so hard, I got blisters"
by Don August 05, 2004
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1 An American
2 An American from a northern state(like New Yorkers like me :)

many Europeans view us as fat idiots bt indeed we are not in fact MOST of us are smart, cultured ,healthy,and have half a brain (exept New Jersey lol)
by usafpilot May 26, 2005
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The stereotypical term that the ignorant percentage of the British population use to define an U.S. Citizen, or someone with a North American accent, even if they were originally form Britain. Good luck to the Brit who calls a Boston Red Sox fan a Yankee.

oi bruv yus see dat dumb yank? bet hes on 'is way to mcnasties

actually hes a vegetarian. he also graduated from berkley.
by bisonboy December 20, 2008
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British road slang for a knife used for crime or when somebody has been stabbed.
Example 1:"yank"
Person 1:"Yo let's go bang that yute"
Person 2:"bun that dem man has a yank"

Example 2: yanked
Person 1:"you sure you saw dem opp boy's down here?"
Person 2:" mum's ghe I almost got yanked"
by FreeUpDave February 18, 2020
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To pull someone or get on link with someone.
"Oi darren! I'm just going out on the yank"

"Oi Steve, You never guess who I yanked!"
by Tmptrapp June 06, 2017
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