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Carparanoia- a state of mind whereupon any audible anomalous situation in an automobile induced a state causing a concern of imminent income loss.
My gosh I hear that darn squeak in the back of the car again! I better see my therapist for my carparanoia.
by DickensFan1968 March 2, 2018
Carparanoia- the state of mind whereupon any audible anomaly in your automobile induces the thought of extreme income loss in your mind.
My gosh that sound in the back, when I apply my brakes just causes me extreme carparanoia. I best see my therapist instead of my mechanic!
by DickensFan1968 March 2, 2018
A skirt or skirt so short that it would function successfully as an undergarment.
It was quite evident that the lady golfer in the 9th tee, was wearing skunderwear and hence, distracting her less able male compatriots.
by DickensFan1968 May 25, 2019
Rinfidence: the spirit that rises in you when your running improves as you regain strength after a long layoff.
I used to have no problem running a full 10k, then my hamstring got pulled. But, since I slowly began to train again, my RUNFIDENCE is back so I can try a 10k again!
by DickensFan1968 May 8, 2018
A film that is neither prequel nor sequel in a series of films.
The film, Rogue One, is a fantastic inbetweenquel of the Star Wars movies!!!
by DickensFan1968 November 27, 2017
Dadvice-when giving options or ideas to your acquaintance in the state of mind of a father.
Well Rob is over here’re asking about how to maintain his garden tools. Gosh, I have some excellent dadvice for him!!!
by DickensFan1968 March 2, 2018
Bingevest...Bingevested. To be at least two episodes into a streamed television series that you find terrible. However, because you have put it in the time thus far, you feel obligated to hunker down and finish the entire series anyway!
My whole Saturday was wasted since I was Bingevested in that horrible online tv series!
by DickensFan1968 September 13, 2017