Lantec's desk that cost him 10k to build on the Hard|OCP forums.
by Pete July 25, 2003
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1. An internet forum member whose user ID is 10,000 or higher. This separates them from the established members and instead classifies them as a newfag. Other numbers can be selected (such as 20k, 30k, etc) but 10k is the most common cut-off.

2. An internet forum member whose user ID is within the range 10,000 to 10,999. This meaning can be applied to any number as well, but specifies exactly which thousand rather than a cut-off point.

This term only applies to members of forums that require registration.
stfu 10k
by Raptor007 October 8, 2008
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Hey look, here comes Johnny 10K
by potro dobuc January 9, 2004
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A non royal female prefixed for marriage, usually of Hmong descent with a fixed non refundable dowry set at 10,000 US dollars excluding wedding ceremony cost which includes all but also catering, large sacrificial animal, and administrative financial expenses. All sales are final. No exchanges/refunds unless or not in case of sudden death and/or inability to produce children. All bridal families will vary.
She's in high school and already she's nyab 10k.
by Hmongwood June 17, 2021
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a website with an online comic about a fictional Dance Dance Revolution tournament that mostly appeals to Bemani geeks and people who go to anime cons. kinda based on a bunch of real tourneys and cons.

used as an adj. refers to the rules listed on the site, "perfects x 2 + greats + okays"
"The last DDR tourney at Otakon was 10K Commotion-style. Easier than calculating percentages for everybody on every song."
by second tuesday October 20, 2006
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Male masturbation, while wearing an activity tracker such as a fitbit, which has the side effect of boosting ones step count for the day.
Bill: How does Tom manage to average 11,000 steps a day? He's hardly fit, yet he always beats my weekly step count.
Jeff: That's cause Tom spends his mornings and evenings punching 10k.
by Frustrated_Driver November 14, 2016
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One’s 10,000th day alive. This occurs when one is a little over 27 years’ old.
Me: Jack when are we celebrating your 10k day?
Jack: It’s already been and I didn’t celebrate it. I’m devastated!
Me: So sorry to hear. You only get one!
by Festival Jez March 7, 2019
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