A sound I hear repeatedly every night from my parents bedroom.
*squeak squeak squeak* ...

What are they doing in there?
by Confused March 6, 2004
noun. To affectionately pinch someone softly. (taken from squeaking a dog's toy in a playful way)
I hadn't seen my niece in a year.. when I came home she ran up to me and gave me a hug and squeaked me.
by Norraa April 15, 2006
a midgete
go get the ball squeak
by josh March 24, 2003
An asian girl who does not talk much but when she does it comes out in squeaks.
Hey did you see those squeaks over there, they look and sound like they are from some Hello Kitty cartoon.
by SFBlacksox December 20, 2007
From the second-hand motor traders of North London:
a) Someone who is extremely tight with their money. Person in question is so tight they squeak.
a) That fucking SQUEAK never buys a round...
by Mr Potato May 5, 2004
a person who is annoying because they act child like; and or a person who is annoying because they are unskilled and unexpierenced in certain things.
"Kim still plays with Barbies, she's sucha squeak"

"Dave didn't know what 69 meant, he's sucha squeak"
by nico September 12, 2004