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Hunker Down game is a game played at hurricane parties. You watch the weather report and everytime the weatherman or news guy says "hunker down" you take a shot. By the time the electricity is out, you don't even care any more.
During Hurricane Ike, i got so smashed playing Hunker Down that I missed the storm!
by kixette August 24, 2011
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a phrase used very commonly by radio announcers as hurricanes pass by. it basically means "hang in there" or "be strong."
Another hurricane's coming toward Florida, so it's time for us to hunker down.
by KRHimself September 28, 2004
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To get down to work on what you have to do.
I got turn off the TV and hunker down and get this homework done.
by Peter October 04, 2003
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First introduced and popularized by George H.W. Bush, this southern-American slang means to toughen up and get ready for a rough time. This irritating phrase is now used regularily on CNN in conjunction with phony technical malfunctions and microphone tilts towards the wind in an effort to sensationalize their hurricane coverage.
"We're going to have to hunker down and fight the evil-doers" - George H.W. Bush

"Everyone is hunkered down and not a single person is around to speak with us" - CNN in a remote field at 4am during hurricane Wilma

by itisme October 24, 2005
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A really great beer-drinkin game from our hillbilly brethren. Involves two competitors holding opposite ends of a long rope and standing on buckets (more traditionally, ammo cans.) At the cue (anyone in the crowd can holler HUNKER DOWN) the competitors pull on the rope until there is no slack left. From here they must use craftiness, trickery, and a good amount of hunkerin down to make the other person set a foot on the ground. Trust me, it's great.
Hey, I got some Pabst y'all, if ya wanna play some hunker down!
by s33s June 09, 2009
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to finally sit down to finish something up. to stop procratinating and do something
After finishing that last 40 I decided to hunker down and finish that paper I had due.
by Frizzy October 04, 2003
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The act of bending over and singing a long extended powerful note in a song.
The singer David Archuleta is known for giving his all in live concert settings and doing the "hunkerdown" is a common occurrence as he belts out a long, gorgeous (sometime high) note.
by lilygirl2400 November 01, 2010
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