To cause one to not be able to move, walk, or function. To immobilize someone, to make someone powerless. (taken from the literal practice of cutting with a knife an animal's or person's hamstring muscle) past tense - hamstrung
The lack of investors will hamstring my efforts to move the project forward.

I was hamstrung by the flu prior to the marathon.
by irzapper August 15, 2007
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A crude term for "penis".
Girl: I will karate chop you right in the hamstring!
Guy: Jesus, that's a crude term for a penis.
Girl: Omg lol i don't even know what to do with you.
by Dekrepit90 April 15, 2016
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Another meaning for vomiting after a night (or day) of too much drinking.
Jeff went out with Greg and pulled a hamstring in the STRIPES van on the way home.
by The Greg July 15, 2004
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Actually a type of stretch that is accomplished by bending at the waist and grabbing the backs of your calf muscles.

Also a slang term for getting fucked in the ass, or taking in the ass.
1. The next stretch is the hamstring stretch standing.

2. Man they really got me today. What are you talking about. Well they hammered me on the sales numbers today. Yeah it was kind of like standing there doing the hamstring stretch standing, and then just taking it up the butt. Yeah man I know how you feel.
by pantyteamaster May 11, 2009
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What you say when you think you are hurt, or not ok.
Person 1: Are you OK?
Person 2: No, I think I broke a hamstring...
by PenguinedPsyduck0xq0 April 6, 2021
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Coming from the word Hamstring. Hamstringed is the past tense of being Hamstrung. IE, to be slowed down by act of receiving hamstring. Once you are Hamstringed, your movement is slowed by up to 50%. This effect will usually last for about 45 seconds. During this time, you are more likely to get owned, pwnd, and/or phwned by someone who is not hamstrung, thus give them the advantage to move at default speed.
Person A: Hey, come over here before we get caught.
Person B: Ok, OMW
Person A: Oh no!!
Person B: What's wrong?
Person A: Oh shit!, I’m hamstringed son!!
Person B: Well, come over here, we can hide
Person A: I’m hamstringed!!
Person B: ???
Person A: Hamstringed
Person B: ...
by ZzFive03 April 21, 2006
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Josh pulled his hamstring running what an idiot
Yo I heard he pulled hamstring like a pro
by Jardaman September 16, 2013
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