something that is unique and goes against the "norm"
The anomalous girl wears combat boots and has a pink mohawk
by NICOLE STUTZ February 14, 2008
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basically this universe's way to describe an SCP.
That anomalous thing could be an SCP
by yardardar September 3, 2021
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An abomination of an anomaly that may not last, typically seen early in sports seasons. Term coined by Doug Karsch King of backyard ice rinks friend to Gator "front row at erything" Anderson
Yea Robert Fick hit 15 homers in April but that's an anomalation that won't last through the year.
by Rekdon September 22, 2014
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Deviating from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
She spanked her anomalous dog until he cried in anguish.
by Poopy Shoes May 14, 2004
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Another game made by archeximus, you basically hunt down a barely visible ghost with the equipment you have and stuff. Its inspired by "Hidden: Source".
Hey dude have you heard of anomalous activities?
Yea i did! Its amazing man!
by Joe "Washington" deez nuts November 14, 2022
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the enemy walking in public. a potential murderer pretending to be nice with a see-through act. they nonchalantly do things that make no sense, that no other human would do, but they act like they are getting away with it.
keep your distance ANOMALOUSE! citizens still have rights in this country!
by dickweed9000 October 23, 2020
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