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A person who has surpassed the moniker of a "douche bag". These people are the cream of the crop / elite of "douche bags" and deserve a unique, differentiating term for them, like "executive douche bag". Any random person can be a "douche bag", but enema bags are mired in their own sense of self importance in the world.
That enema bag dude in the skinny, bejeweled jeans, was trying to tell me his theory on stock market technical analysis and couldn't have been more incorrect. I think he should spend more time tanning and less time trying to impress others with failed theories.
by Davester75 March 16, 2012
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or TBR, when you trigger a memory of a woman because you remember what her tits looked like. Despite what women believe, some men (at least the ones that admire breasts, or "boob men") burn memories of a nice set of funbags into their brains, and can recall them photographically.
Girl: I can't believe that waiter remembered us, even though we've only been here once like 6 weeks ago...

Guy: he saw your rack and remembered you and (me) "that fat guy that needs a haircut". He was struck with total boob recall.
by Davester75 December 28, 2015
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A sense of dread, discomfort or unease about the future. Whether it be self-illness, or some other personal, possibly catastrophic event.
One year after the collapse of real estate markets, they remain mired in deep malaise
by Davester75 September 4, 2009
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"Learn to code" is something that snarky journalists used to tell to actual skilled, blue collar laborers like coal miners. Who, through no fault of their own, ended up losing their jobs due to a certain administration. It was cool, and funny to say that to those people, on Twitter in 2012.
In 2019, when the same snarky journalists get laid off, and their twitter followers tell them to "learn to code" is a malicious, harassing term, that will not be tolerated by Twitter's terms of service and then result be a ban-able offense with zero tolerance.
SJW Journo: after 3 years of gender issues opinion commentary, I got laid off from Vox. I love my coworkers and thank them for this incredible journey
Twitter_rando: learn to code
SJW Journo: I need my safe space!
by Davester75 January 29, 2019
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Stands for: Quit WithOut A Job. When you get so fed up with your current employer, you don't even secure a new job before quitting. You can optionally put in your 2 weeks notice then fuck off for the next two weeks, or just walk out. Nerdrage is possible in this scenario, but not required.
Mike: I heard Rick put in his notice?
Dwarf: That's the word on the street.
Mike: Did he QWOAJ? Effective immediately?
Dwarf: No, he's going to work at Publix and his last day is next Friday.
by Davester75 October 3, 2014
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The area of a neutered male dog, where his balls would be located had he not been neutered.
Guy 1: Dave's dog was just licking his dick, then licked your hand!

Guy 2: pretty sure he was just licking his nonballs, but i'm going to go wash my hands...
by Davester75 August 9, 2012
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An excellent retort to people who are dispensing advice to you, that is pretty common knowledge and you already know. Usually, it's delivered to some novice who is attempting to be helpful, but is really just annoying you.
Noob: Make sure you stack that charcoal in a pyramid shape, with spacing between the briquettes.

Pro: It's not my first rodeo. I know how to stack, fluid, and feed the flame...I've probably forgotten more about grilling than you'll ever know...
by Davester75 July 2, 2012
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