Something every living person should have, but yet Sorority Girls seem to have very little of.
Everyone knows that Mecca is the Islamic holy land, except for that Sorority Girl at work.
by Angered by a Co-Worker May 11, 2005
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Information every human being should know. Coffee just after being on a burner is hot. Mississippi River flows south.
Everyone knows about the birds and the bees, its common knowledge
by Rego June 30, 2003
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Used to describe a girl who likes to sleep around. A girl who is a slut and has sex with everyone
Bob: Man.. i can't believe my girl cheated on me!
Sean: Don't worry man. That bitch is just common knowledge.
by Zackaroni February 2, 2010
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People are born with the knowledge that Latin is spoken in Rome in today's society (common knowledge), but they are not born with the knowledge of roman numerals (not common knowledge)
by keitaisbeast March 26, 2015
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when something is available for everyone to see. When an item or another object isn't kept secret, but rather open to the public.
Nicole: Andy, you can't go around reading other people's text messages
Andy: Sorry. I-I-I th-thought it was common public knowledge!


Amy and Malory: Andy, stop creeping around our hallway
Andy: Well it's common public knowledge
by trackster9 October 27, 2009
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