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A shot you consume in Austin on your 21st birthday. Most likely to be done at a 6th street bar or restaurant. You are only allowed two of these/night. The contents of this drink are up for further investigation.
I got so fucked up last night, I had five beers, and a blue wave!
by Drunkard101atx February 27, 2008
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Expression which describes the upcoming Democratic landslide in the November midterm elections. Deplorable trumptard Congressmen will become extinct, and inbred trumptards everywhere will cry a lot.
" These fucking ignorant trumptards make me sick!"

" No worries brother, the blue wave in November will drown those GOP rats."
by Littlehandsdonniedotard June 27, 2018
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A fictional outcome of the 2018 midterm election in November in which the democrats take back the house and are favored by everyone. It would pretty much play out in the mind of a democrat like the happy ending of a disney movie where Blumpf is finally defeated and people can once again live in a economy heading in a downward spiral.
CNN keep mentioning a Blue Wave.
by LiberalDestroyer November 05, 2018
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The meaning of this term defines a state where everyone in the world is gradually being sent information about a website (or other) in an amazing rollercoaster effect. One person sends a weblink or idea to someone else. This second person sends it to ten people. The next ten people send it to a hundred people etc. etc. This is the blue wave effect.
Someone sent me an amazing video last week. This week I've had it via email from three other sources. Must be on a real blue wave there!
by Jonathan FeBland November 30, 2008
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