A # that can stand for "LOVE YOU"
cause love has 4 letters and you has 3
by eeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiii August 22, 2003
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The atomic number of Technetium, the lightest element with no stable isotope.

The age in which a virgin can achieve continuous orgasm.
Phyllis from the Office: “I never had an orgasm until I was 42. And when when I did it lasted until I was 44. 43 was just... I got nothing done.”
by mihoyminoy April 17, 2019
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The record for masturbaition. 43 seconds is the fastest known session accomplished by mankind. Bravo. Bravo.
"Dude I totally pulled a 43"
"Your poor girlfriend, try not to finish early!"
by Lol funny haha October 7, 2013
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the 43rd President George W. Bush
George Bush 43 is the president as of 3/9/08... :(
by sal the stockbroker March 10, 2008
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The 'Mystical Number of Coincidence' as first prophesied in the unforgettable 1987 Powell Peralta production "The Search for Animal Chin".

A number that shows up in the least expected places with commonly occurring frequency.

One more than 42
For some fucking reason, GAP stores like to sell shitty hats with the number 43 on them.

What do you get when you mupltiply 6 by 7 (and then add one)?
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A number used by the Lucky clothing company (among others) which stands for "Fuck You" or "Fuck Off", since "fuck" has 4 letters and "you"/"off" have 3 letters.
by Hellabored March 29, 2003
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Telling someone that you want to sexually roleplay with them, it's a common word used in "Furry Discord Servers"
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