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(n.) the ability to recall "old" internet memes
Guy 1- "You ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?"
Guy 2- "Piss off Old Gregg!"
Guy 1- "Nice meme-ory, dude. Most kids these days haven't seen that shit."
by Da Sperminator January 23, 2011
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(n.) the supreme ruler of all mortal bros.

"My name is Brozymandias, bro of bros
Look upon my kegs, ye Mighty, and despair!"

-P. B. Shelley, Bromantic Era poet
Guy 1: "Did you hear Levi bonged a fifth?"
Guy 2: "I heard. Dude is insane!"
Guy 1: "No, he is Brozymandias!"
by Da Sperminator February 23, 2011
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(n.) a party at which you drink only cases of the worst beer.
Guy 1- "Did you hit up Kendra's?"
Guy 2- "No way! All they had was a case of Natty Light, typical worst case scenario party."
by Da Sperminator April 8, 2011
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(n.) a foolish thief.
Guy 1- "Syce-clown, did you drink my whiskey?"
Guy 2- "Nawbrahs all gooddude."
Guy 1- "Then why's your face red? You wasted, and you owe me $30."
by Da Sperminator January 25, 2011
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(adj.) a rare state in which one retains, or even achieves, transcendent hotness while simultaneously looking filthy; possibly coined to describe Ke$ha.
Guy 1- "That Ke$ha girl, damn she's so dirty!"
Guy 2- "I know man, she's such a skank! I bet she's got tons of STDs"
Guy 1- "Well, I mean, yes, possibly, but I really meant that she's just unclean, like she needs to take a shower. I think she's straight up dumpster hot."
by Da Sperminator January 23, 2011
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(n.) an important sub-rule of the bros before hoes clause in the bro code that states the bro may not, under any circumstance, ditch his bros to go clothes shopping with his hoe.
Guy 1- "Hey guys, I can't watch 300 tonight."
Guy 2- "What's up, bro? We always watch a flick on Thirsty Thursdays in the man cave!"
Guy 1- "Tiffany wanted to get a new jacket--"
Guy 3- "Wait, you're ditching us to be her shopping bitch?"
Guy 1- "It's not like that, we might buy lingerie too!"
Guy 2- "You're willing to violate the sacred rule of bros before clothes? Dishonor shall fall heavily upon your balls for this treachery, my dude!"
by Da Sperminator March 3, 2011
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(n.) when a bro cleans his room solely because he thinks he might be getting laid that night.
Guy 1- "Yo, dude, you trying to play Call of Duty?"
Guy 2- "Nah man, I gotta get my room cleaned up."
Guy 1- "You gay dude?"
Guy 2- "Bro, Cindy might be in town tonight!"
Guy 1- "Ah, a little fling cleaning, I see. Well, carry on!"
by Da Sperminator January 23, 2011
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