A strict university that rejects the following people,

-People who live in the West
-People who live in the East
-People who live in the North

-People who live in the South
-People who prefer Apple
-People who prefer Android
-People who are liberal
-People who are conservative
-People who are totalitarian
-People who are anarchist
-People who use the internet
-People who don’t use the internet
-People who drink coke

-People who drink water
-People who drink juice
-People who drink alcoholics
-People who have been to a previous university
-People who have not been to a previous university
-People who breathe
Hey I got accepted into Harvard!

Ok alien!

Wait wha-
by AnOrganism February 9, 2021
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A bunch of stuck up legacies and jocks deceiving the world into believing they've actually earned the right to have CEO titles and seven figure salaries to do nothing
Chad Thundercock Sr, donated 10 million to Harvard for a new building to get Chad Jr a place so he can be a do nothing CEO and fuck a lot of hot bimbos
by D Flawless December 31, 2020
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All I know is that if you put this word on your resume, the HR person will get on their knees and suck your dick.
Go to Harvard, son, if you can. It's the door to opportunity, and employers will perform fellatio on you just to hire your magnificent brain.
by garcalej February 12, 2015
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A well-known mental health facility located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Harvard -- Where only 10% of residents seriously consider suicide a year!
by Treize K April 25, 2009
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Another word for Entitled, Rich, and Overrated
Woke: Damn! Harvard university is too damn expensive!
Broke: And it's useless too. I've been there, and I wish I hadn't. I'm millions in debt, and I really want you to kill me
Woke: Understandable *Shoots Broke*
by ♥🗺☠ June 14, 2021
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If you looked this up, its obviously not on your list of college applications.
Fellow Employee: "So hey where'd you graduate from?"

Bob: (arrogant, slightly pompous tone) Harvard.

Fellow Employee: "Woaah...(awed silence)''
by Pooperscooper! November 5, 2009
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Harvard is perhaps the most prestigious University in the USA. The University was founded in 1636 in Cambridge Massachusetts, way before the USA became independent from Britain. The name came after John Harvard, a young minister, a graduate of Cambridge, England, who upon his death left library and estate to support the early time of University.

Before 20th century, European countries dominated the world and finest Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford were found in Europe.
However, because of World War I and II, European countries lost world power and the power shifted to the USA. Political and economic power shifts also made opportunity for American Universities to set the highest standards.

Harvard is like a huge cooperation or enterprise, investing in stocks, lands, not only investments in educations. Harvard's strong power is perhaps its prestigious name and also enormous financial power that could recruit the already established best star scholars in the world to be Harvard professors. Average assistant and associate professors are high standards in their levels. However, the presence of several, but not all, star professors at Harvard is making Harvard almost incomparable unique University.
In addition, Harvard-MIT, both located in Boston, perhaps two top Universities, have exchange programs that add more opportunities.
Learning from top professors naturally gives opportunities to students to stand in the front positions in the world in their fields.
You know, most of the star professors at Harvard are not necessarily graduates of these schools.
by ramunenakayama@hotmail.com January 7, 2008
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