a car that has been bought and sold continuously in a short period of time.
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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a really big slut. used in a (usually) playful way, but can very well be incriminating.
wow, that girl, what a slut-slut
by 349853 April 15, 2006
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A slut is a person who is known to have had sex many times with different individuals.
you had sex with him again? you are such a slut.
by Madsterr February 02, 2015
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A slut is either a male/female with low standards of cleanliness.
My friend Max hangs out with many girls and wants to be with each one of them and use them for pleasure.
Such a slut.
by Bigdickcommander32 February 03, 2018
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A person that has promiscuous sex. Someone who sleeps around, not great for a relationship.
He sleeps around alot. That dude is a slut.
by 12yearoldgirlandadonkey April 11, 2018
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