10 definitions by DUBS

A word commonly used by males to get sex
Guy: I love you
Girl: Ok, I'm ready to have sex
by DUBS November 30, 2005
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A piece of cloth that one uses to clean up semen after ejaculating.
Oh shit! My mom found by jizzrag last night, bro!
by DUBS July 1, 2004
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(adj.) Exhibiting characteristics deemed wretched, foul, or skank-like in nature.
Ferguson: Ooooh Billy!
Billy: Don't stop Ferguson!

Chuck the Critic: Hey fellas, that hole is only one way! You stankerous chumps!
by DUBS January 15, 2004
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Having a sulk and refusing to speak to anyone. Buggering off at the first sign of a row instead of sorting it out
by DUBS November 10, 2004
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sunday night, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, monday morning.

A day of the week when you generally don't get drunk....

Exeptions include new years eve
Idiot: Wanna drink up?
Dubs: I got work tomorrow, and its a weekday... idiot...
by DUBS January 16, 2004
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