Sophomoric: regarded as self-assured and opinionated but crude and immature. (See Greek sophos 'wise' and moros 'foolish'.)
Akash, the model for laziness and procrastination while being smart and knowledgable; also associated with "pied piper of slackerdom"
by My name is March 22, 2005
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A word one uses to try, and call someone else immature, but instead just ends up making themselves look like a pretentious douche bag.
Guy 1: The jokes on Tosh.0 are so sophomoric.

Guy 2: Dude you sound like a pretentious douche right now.
by aleis October 13, 2011
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The forgotten year of high school. The freshmen are busy being freshmen: preppy girls freaking out about every grade they get, others just being generally immature. The juniors are busy with homework, and trying to get better grades so they can go to college. The seniors are busy partying and generally having a good time. No one really cares about the sophomores. In conversations with adults, when you tell them that you are a sophomore, they have nothing to say to you. It's not "a big change from middle school", you havent started thinking about colleges, and you havent applied to colleges. And thats all adults care about. Contributing to the suckyness is the fact that you have 2 more years after this one, and for a year the only thing you are looking foreward to is getting your license, which you feel you are thisclose to getting for the entire year.
Adult: What grade are you in?
Freshman: I'm a freshman.
Adult: Do you like high school? Is it very different from junior high school? Are you getting good grades?

Adult: What grade are you in?
Junior: I'm a junior.
Adult: What's your GPA? Have you started thinking about colleges? Are you bringing your grades up so you can get into college?

Adult: What grade are you in?
Senior: I'm a senior.
Adult: What colleges did you apply to? What do you want to major in?

Adult: What grade are you in?
Sophomore: I'm a sophomore.
Adult: Oh. (has nothing else to say)

Kid: What grade are you in?
Sophomore: I'm a sophomore.
Kid: Oh, that sucks for you.
by bobbertttttttt November 7, 2007
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Someone who has successfully survived their freshmen yeah of high school. 9 times out of 10 absolutely hate freshmen even though three months ago they were freshmen themselves. This is usually because the now junior class was mean to them creating a never ending cycle of high school tradition and stupidity.
Last year she was so timid and shy....but now she's a sophomore.
by Mary-kate August 24, 2006
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From the Greek words Sophos; meaning wise, and Moros; meaning fool, or foolish. Literally, a 'wise fool'.
1. A word used to denote the stage when a person has gained sufficient knowledge and/or skill to be of some use to his/her society or community, but is still sufficiently untutored or unskilled to perform wisely or correctly in most situations.
2. The second level of instruction in both secondary and collegiate education.
1. His explanation was sophomoric (sic) and uninspired.

2. She is in her sophomore year in college.
by Uncle Owl October 20, 2004
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A second year student in highschool who thinks they are the coolest person in the world because they are no longer freshman.many still havent become the mature people they think they are. The sophomores are the ones who constantly pick on and make fun of freshman even though they were freshman just 3 months ago, while the juniors and seniors dont pay attenion to the freshman and think most sophomores are idiots
I'm a sophomore now! YAY!! Get out of my way you stupid little freshman!
by awsome! November 18, 2006
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The sophomore year of high school where all the jitters are gone from freshman year and you know you should be doing all your work but you just don't. Most students effected by sophomoritis drink and smoke the year away. Usually leads to junioritis cause we realized we fucked up. Sophomoristis, We'd fight for a cure but we're too immature.
"Man, don't you have to study for that HUGE test tomorrow?!"
"Duuuuude, nahh. I got sophomoritis."
by causeimcoollikethat April 18, 2006
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