A hilarious situation. Usually followed by "ensuing".
Man with knife tries to rob bank. Guards have guns. Hilarity ensues
by ramdac October 22, 2003
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to be in a state of ecstacy; laughing uncuntrolably; see hilared.
i was in hilarity, as kaylie made me laugh
by j wo. March 1, 2005
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Someone who is uniquely hilarious, a rare humor find of someone, hence the 'rarity' association.
"He's great he is, he's a hilarity"
by Samwell December 4, 2005
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noun, the amount that something is filled with.
Rachel's joke about power tools was overflowing with hilarity.
by the_eli February 28, 2010
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Uncontrollably funny! A combination of:hilarious AND hysterical.
That joke about your boss was HILARICAL!
by SScarlet December 15, 2007
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Something that is both hilarious and hysterical, hence hilarical.
Tom: And then she crashed her car for a seventh time in one day.
Me: Oh shit, that's hilarical
by The Doughboy October 22, 2006
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short for hilarious.

Best used in abnormally shortened sentences.
not me: "So, at this office they offered me a soda, but I couldn't find an apprope time to drink it during the interview...
...and then I tried to get up, but tripped and started rolling down the stairs... I held onto my soda the whole time, so when I got up I had soda fizzing down my face!!"
me: "Hilare."
by julie bing February 17, 2005
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