A hilarious situation. Usually followed by "ensuing".
Man with knife tries to rob bank. Guards have guns. Hilarity ensues
by ramdac October 22, 2003
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to be in a state of ecstacy; laughing uncuntrolably; see hilared.
i was in hilarity, as kaylie made me laugh
by j wo. March 1, 2005
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Someone who is uniquely hilarious, a rare humor find of someone, hence the 'rarity' association.
"He's great he is, he's a hilarity"
by Samwell December 4, 2005
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noun, the amount that something is filled with.
Rachel's joke about power tools was overflowing with hilarity.
by the_eli March 1, 2010
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Uncontrollably funny! A combination of:hilarious AND hysterical.
That joke about your boss was HILARICAL!
by SScarlet December 15, 2007
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Something that is both hilarious and hysterical, hence hilarical.
Tom: And then she crashed her car for a seventh time in one day.
Me: Oh shit, that's hilarical
by The Doughboy October 23, 2006
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- to find humor in bad or serious situations
- to find a certain adversity or misfortune laughable
- to view a strike of bad luck as funny/hilarious
- to maintain cheerfulness during a tragedy or disaster

From: Hilarity, Hilarious
Margaret looked cheerful and amused as she told us of how she kept failing the same course over and over again. She tends to hilarize such situations.

Tony hilarized his best friend's fall. He couldn't stop laughing when Sam tripped over a stair and landed hard.
by Dr. Danny B. June 4, 2021
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