A small get together which resembles a shubz/party but not as loud. Only drinks supplied.
You goin to the drink up on Saturday night?
by Lady Maze July 04, 2005
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The opposite of eating out. When a mans ejaculation is slurped up similar to a large Big Gulp.
"OMG, Bailey drank up all of my cream soda last night!"
"Yeah man, she acted like my dick was a straw and was drinking up all my cum!"
by ericwalks April 19, 2016
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When someone messes up on a tattoo or just has a really bad tat in general. (Commonly used among under-aged teens who probably shouldn't have tattoos)
Dang , he's got a milk drink up tattoo.
by jesus is my favorite gay man September 04, 2017
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its when your drunk and your with a bunch of loud mouth girls who are drunk and you say drink up bitches hoping they will get so drunk they will pass out and be quiet
i am at a concert and the girls would rather talk than watch the concert so you lift ur drink up and say drink up bitches
by julie cavender July 02, 2011
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It means to chug a drink (most likely alcoholic) until the glass's bottom is facing skyward
Drink it bottom up to tell how strong you really are!
by PenPoint6 May 24, 2016
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Extremely strong shot of alcohol that allows you to "catch up" when you start the night late.

Aftershock, 5 Star General, 4 Horsemen, Windex
Its 1 am and Jay isnt drunk. Get him a catch-up shot.
by Zag May 16, 2004
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