Little Red refers to an Chinese mans penis. Little because Asian men are known to have small cocks, and red in reference to red china.
"yo freddy, how the fuck does that Chinese boy whack the beast when he's got nothing but a Little Red?"
by Ashbury's Dirtbag March 27, 2007
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That red ring thing around the head of a penis when it is in a erected state
I love when her lips suck around my little red
by MacaroniMan June 11, 2011
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you were great. focused. I mean not one blooper! None that i wouldve noticed.
I love your topical realm. You're inspiring, i hope you're always aware that you can get to their ears. and more. I could read your personal struggles, too, i mean, i thought i could. the other side, the "a little disillusioned, bitter" side. you're harder now. in a good and in a not so good way.
And musically. Well, clearly i can hear Ian in the back! with the guitars (great player) and the beats. the laid back parts.

Was the "everyones wearing a little red" a theme?
well done you. proud of you (without wanting to sound patronizing).

I totally expect you to play me like a fan now 😆
by Krkič September 30, 2020
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"Did you know that Sean's nude got leaked to the whole school?"
"Yes, they nicknamed it Little Red Rocket"
by kfcftw September 3, 2016
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A song by Prince which is misunderstood as car, but is actually talking about a vagina. Was a number one hit in the United States.
"Do you know any number one songs Prince had?" "Yeah, Little Red Corvette."
by Alexander Nevermind May 10, 2006
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1. Colloquial English name for Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong - a book of quotations taken from Mao's speeches and publications. It is the most-printed book written in the 20th century, and was required study material for all Chinese residents during the Cultural Revolution.

2. A Chinese boner.
1. The English translation of the Little Red Book loses Mao's eloquent use of simile found in the original Chinese.

2. Is that a Little Red Book in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
by vastheman January 9, 2011
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A term commonly used to describe a clit hood which is a piece of skin coming over the Vagina. Term was made famous by the youtuber "Ben Buckingham" in his video "how to give a Clit Orgasm
"with a little skin coming over it, a little red bean, little red purple coloured bean"
by Ben Buckingham July 9, 2018
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