Code word for a wank which noone else understands apart from us.
*Phone Call*
Adam: Hi Liam!
Liam: Guess what, I just had a huge, messy sunday night; I could have filled up a milk bottle!
Adam: ummmm right.
by Michael Barry January 18, 2008
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When one finds themself too busy too relieve oneself of sexual tension and on sunday night to celebrate the 'cumming' of a new week one masterbates.
Kaan - I get really busy during the week
Gez - Yeah man, i mean i really enjoy my sunday night
Kaan - Yeah its quite good really
Gez - Exquisite
Kaan - I'm off to sunday night
Gez - Have a good one
by Bass man January 06, 2008
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The period of time where most people start on their homework.
*Friday evening*
Person: "I'll start on this science project in a couple of minutes."

*Sunday night*
Person: "This time, I'll start up on my project. Let me just check the time... oh, 10:24 PM."
by Stupid and Also Dumb September 02, 2016
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When you're up late on Sunday night doing homework and wishing you had at least started it on Friday or Saturday.
Start your homework early; don't fall victim to Sunday night regret!!
by citrus goodness October 18, 2008
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That, "Oh crap, I have to get back to work tomorrow" feeling you get on Sunday nights.
I was having a good time in Vegas last weekend but then I got hit by the sunday night blues.
by DAA May 09, 2005
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A thought that only crosses your mind on Sunday nights. A feeling of dismay, anger, helplessness, butterflies,and overall depression to the thought of attending work/and or school the next day-Monday.
There is no true cure for the Sunday Night Blues.
by Jakabones January 19, 2006
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