1) The act of putting off assignments, generally large projects for homework, until late Sunday night. Average finish time for sundaynighting is approximately 2-3 am, though all nighters are quite common.

2) Extreme procrastination

Other forms: sundaynight - ing

Abbr: sunnighting, sunighting
1) "Have you finished that atmosphere project yet?"

"Nah, I'm gonna sundaynight it."

2) "Dude!! Stop sundaynighting and get working on that African history essay!"
by nallina March 04, 2009
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When one finds themself too busy too relieve oneself of sexual tension and on sunday night to celebrate the 'cumming' of a new week one masterbates.
Kaan - I get really busy during the week
Gez - Yeah man, i mean i really enjoy my sunday night
Kaan - Yeah its quite good really
Gez - Exquisite
Kaan - I'm off to sunday night
Gez - Have a good one
by Bass man January 06, 2008
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Code word for a wank which noone else understands apart from us.
*Phone Call*
Adam: Hi Liam!
Liam: Guess what, I just had a huge, messy sunday night; I could have filled up a milk bottle!
Adam: ummmm right.
by Michael Barry January 18, 2008
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The period of time where most people start on their homework.
*Friday evening*
Person: "I'll start on this science project in a couple of minutes."

*Sunday night*
Person: "This time, I'll start up on my project. Let me just check the time... oh, 10:24 PM."
by Fr3nch fr13s September 02, 2016
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