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People whom beleive they are extremely intelligent and desire everyone to know it. In actuallity they are generally ignorant and close minded.
Those psuedo-intellectuals have some terrible definitions for slang terms on urbandictionary.com.

The way that art major was carrying on about how I didn't know that peice was post impressionist, you would think they were a psuedo-intellectual.
by DJ December 24, 2003
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PsYcho is a 6'2", 220 pound wrestler who was at the top of his game back in 2001 when he won the NRW World Championship. In 2002 he started alongside Bladez the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. Together they took the e-fed world by storm. Now in 2005 PsYcho is still co-owner of the strongest corporation XWF: NRW. He is currently dating the XWF Commissioner Terri Park.
Finishing Manuever: PsYcho Bomb, Suicide Drop.
"...holy shit...PsYcho just jumped off the top of the cage with the Suicide Drop."
by DJ March 24, 2005
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*Yaaawwnn*... again, stupid racist motherfuckers on this website ( i dont know how the people who run this site allow such shit to be posted ) have posted about something they don't know shit about.

Punjab is a state in India, and the people who come from there are called, you guessed it, Punjabis.

Punjab is an important Indian state in terms of agriculture and is the homeland for the Sikhs in India.

The latest Indian PM who just got sworn in, Doctor ManMohan Singh, became the first Sikh Prime Miniter of India.

Punjab was split into two states during the partition, most of it staying in India, some of it going to Pakistan. The main language is Punjabi, and the main food is delicious ;).

Over the years Punjab has had its fair share of headlines in the news as it has had a separatist movement that has gone up against the Indian army several times, most notably the Golden Temple disaster in 1984, and almost all of the time with bloody outcomes. Not all Sikhs, however, support these acts, and Punjab remains a state rich with culture and pride.
by DJ May 24, 2004
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(Un)cool soicialites wearing tacky skirts and an ugly hats, paid heaps for just turning up
by DJ November 06, 2003
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