one who goes to college for 4 years and gets a job in a museum gift shop.

sleeps in until noon. goes to class. then smokes pot at night.

owes me 8 bucks.
Matt, the art major next door, never goes to class, keeps smoking pot, and owes me money.
by Austin December 5, 2004
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a college student who has been awake for six days and can still think circles around business majors
oh shit, i was gonna open a business but then an art major figured out how to do it easier, faster and prettier in twenty minutes.
by zacharyr December 25, 2006
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A lazy college student ussually a heavy pot smoker not always a actuall art major
That stupid art major hasn't went to class in a month.
by Zeroklk December 7, 2004
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A quiet kid that got pushed too far and now turns into a propaganda machine. Gets hit on the head so much in school that they forgot how to draw and how to copyright and drop out. needs a rich respectable family to fix him again.
"look at this art major. he will destroy everything in his path without realizing it"
by Avery Williams October 14, 2017
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It is the most prestigious and wonderful and intelligent and interesting group on Flickr, of which you are most likely not a part of.

To be Art Major is to be really pretentious. To write super long comments. To put poetry and lyrics in your photo descriptions. To post snapshots and act like they're the Mona Lisa. To become outraged when you receive critical comments. To take forty pictures of a wall and claim it represents the prolific banality in the world of commercial art. To pretend to know what you are talking about and when you critique photos the critique must be scathing. SCATHING, making the poster cry.

So, to be Art Major is to be blatantly pretentious, and not give a damn.
"Nothing is more Art Major. Nor more cathartic than drunken combat. So run up a tab, transform into an emotional wreck, then blame someone else for your problems and crack a pool stick over their head."-Jackson
by shizzle032093175 June 18, 2008
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1) An idiot.
2) Someone who thinks they're actually learning something but in reality are just wasting time & money in college.
Liberal arts majors are the only people more stupid than business majors.
by TehTruth July 29, 2005
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The most uselss major on earth, mostly taken by people who have no artistic ability but still want to be considered artist.
Art history major: ahh I love the arts but can't draw

Engineer major: you piece of shit

Art history major: you're so closed minded
by hillert October 20, 2013
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