People whom beleive they are extremely intelligent and desire everyone to know it. In actuallity they are generally ignorant and close minded.
Those psuedo-intellectuals have some terrible definitions for slang terms on

The way that art major was carrying on about how I didn't know that peice was post impressionist, you would think they were a psuedo-intellectual.
by DJ December 24, 2003
Ignorant bastards. Individuals who are gifted with a large vocabulary and quick wit, and use it to other's expenses. Often very sarcastic, and thrive on making fun of those they view as different or slow-witted. Also incredibly critical and judgemental, these individuals believe everything that is not them is stupid and moronical. Anything deemed as immature or stupid is subject to their quick, aggressive tongue.

I really hate these people, they are so close minded and immature. Its like a five year old girl putting on make up.
Evanston Township Highschool, Evanston, IL. A place full of psuedo-intellectuals. (My school)
by moss|punk January 19, 2007
I am one. Everything said of/about me on the internet is *true*

Most people, (supporting evidence) exist "here" only to serve my needs. I am smarter, brighter and in all ways superior to my peers.
The above statement; anything/everything ever written by bob dylan...the songwriter; bob dylan the housepainter paints houses.
by pseudonymesis May 4, 2009