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(adj): one who is extremely tardy or behind on important deadlines yet displays a lack of concern
He was being Forbish about his extended essay draft.
by DJ April 18, 2005
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the white part on white wall tires. and mustard is the yellow stripe on vogue tires
man he got dat mayonaise on da lac
by DJ June 27, 2005
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man these
mayonese alota people here
by DJ January 21, 2004
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MC Frontalot, the BEST rapper in the world!

Download some of his songs at: www.frontalot.com
DUDE! I WAS IN SAN FRAN. AND SAW MC Frontalot!!!! He was so cool!
by DJ April 18, 2005
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A meat wagon is a police van, as it has contains many pigs(police).
'yo crush that blunt, here comes a meat wagon'
by DJ May 23, 2004
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Loal= Often found merging with unsuspecting IP Adresses and sometimes BC.
BC: "Muchas smoochas loal!!"
KS: "huggle me plz"
DJ: "ya'll whack."
by DJ February 28, 2004
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