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Keeen!!!!!!!!!!!! EE+=keen is COOL
by DJ October 5, 2003
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DJ Clemons's, of Lansing, Michigan, word for cool, awsome, etc
That's sticky, yo!

Yo, that's sticky!
by DJ October 30, 2004
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MC Frontalot, the BEST rapper in the world!

Download some of his songs at: www.frontalot.com
DUDE! I WAS IN SAN FRAN. AND SAW MC Frontalot!!!! He was so cool!
by DJ April 18, 2005
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Place of torture or evil; place where sympathy is not tolerated; place of divination and/or sacrifice, not for those deemed "Outcasts"

SEE: Hell
Most of those that post on this website need to go to school, namely because of the immense number of grammitical and spelling mistakes.
by DJ August 6, 2004
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noun: a vagina that happens to inhabit itself between the legs of a jewish female.
Whoa, that girl had a smelly vajewna!

That kid is such a vajewna!
by DJ December 24, 2003
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