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what up and coming graphic designers aspire to - but which the Industry thinks it knows better. Hence, the degree of difficulty and countless CDs of folio examples sent by new graduates to unispired and uninspiring studios who care about material wealth and not the material.
myself and countless other graduates Australia-wide.
by DJ December 8, 2003
Keeen!!!!!!!!!!!! EE+=keen is COOL
by DJ October 5, 2003
to be very DJ like...
dude... hes so much like DJ..
by DJ April 6, 2005
A meat wagon is a police van, as it has contains many pigs(police).
'yo crush that blunt, here comes a meat wagon'
by DJ May 23, 2004
What started as a misunderstanding between one witty English scholar and a German student with poor English one day in a Yahoo! chat room soon became what is known today as the connex phenomenon. Connex is now used in chat rooms, IRC, and e-mail alike and is yet another one of the internet trends. Basically it can mean any action, reaction, word with implied meaning, or even as a redundant word. Usually it is just used to piss people off, but a lot of times it is also used to try and refer to something without actually saying it.
<DJ_PsYkiK>OMFG d00d, I want to connex LISA.


<FiremanSTEVE>I connex'd so much one day, my friend was like "connex!", and then he went and connex'd
<DJ_PsYkiK>Good job d00d, you have it. You even used the formal connex'd over the informal connexed. Nice.
by DJ July 19, 2004
a model used to describe something that is more complex than the thing it is describing
Pluriplexsimiles are often used by sports comentators when describing simple plays.
by DJ March 15, 2005
i just got it last night and the night before
by DJ January 7, 2004