A phrase that liars use as a last ditch attempt to instill belief in themselves to the person they're trying to con. It's always easy to spot a bullshitter when they pull out the infamous "I swear to god!"
Cop: "Are these your needles and crack pipes that I found in your car and jacket pockets?"

Burn out highschool kid: "No they're not! I swear to god they're not! I SWEAR TO GOD!"

Cop: Hmmmm.....
by kakarotch August 17, 2007
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A phrase similar to 'swear to god'. Usually used by Hindus, as they are polytheistic and believe in many gods.
Raj: Hey dude, did you know that lions sleep for 20 hours a day?

Vikram: Woah, really??

Raj: Yep. I swear to gods.
by avnish May 12, 2010
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exclamation said in response to being told something super awesome you are hesitant to believe.
theodore: ...and then she just straight up grabbed my d*ck in the middle of the lecture!
chadwick: say swear to god!
theodore: *holds hands up to show that no fingers are crossed* swear to god! she just grabbed my sh*t!
by geegz April 8, 2009
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A word used which means your getting on somebody nerves I would stop it if I was you.
John - *poke* *poke* *poke*
Mary - I swear to god if you don't stop
John- *poke* *poke* *poke*
Mary - *Shoots John* I TOLD YOU TO STOP
by Live me dude April 14, 2017
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To be used in a sentence so that your audience will believe what you are saying.
by ALRounder May 27, 2009
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I swear to God if you don’t buy me maccys I’m not gonna be your friend
by Sherly:) October 9, 2018
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What you type into your web browser after you type in something sketchy into your web browser. You type it to make sure the FBI doesn't get you. I promise it was a joke.
by FroggerJGWentWorth June 8, 2017
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