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Man stg that girl ain't pregnant by me!
by DJ DIM December 12, 2016
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stg means swear to god. you are annoyed or reflecting on someone's stupidity
Person 1: look @ all these people commenting stupid stuff under my photos
Person 2: omg ikr, i stg ! they need to go away
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by LittleBoyDeGrimeDog August 02, 2016
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Sexually Transmitted Glitter- Normally happens when you have sex with a stripper or glitter skanks
Guy 1- "did u hear about Shawn?? Yea he hooked up with that stripper Sapphire the other night, his face looks like he got Glitter Bombed"

Guy 2- "Yea man, he got a STG"
by slickjmk March 23, 2012
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