Man stg that girl ain't pregnant by me!
by DJ DIM December 13, 2016
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U realy Got expelled?
Yea, STG.
by DJ January 25, 2005
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STG i was just thinking about meeting her right now.
by U namsen May 19, 2021
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Abbreviation for:

1. Swear to God - Expression used to strongly emphasize that one is telling the truth.

2. Skip the Games - Online adult site used for the advertisement of erotic services and the facilitation of prostitution.
1. I am telling the truth, STG! Put that on my momma’s grave!
2. After the shutdown of BackPage, STG has become one of the premier adult websites for the advertisement of erotic services.
by Adderall_Admiral October 28, 2021
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Sexually Transmitted Glitter- Normally happens when you have sex with a stripper or glitter skanks
Guy 1- "did u hear about Shawn?? Yea he hooked up with that stripper Sapphire the other night, his face looks like he got Glitter Bombed"

Guy 2- "Yea man, he got a STG"
by slickjmk March 23, 2012
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Coming from the phrase "I'd smash the granny out of that", the Smash The Granny is abbreviated to STG, meaning any Fit, shaggable girl in the vicinity.
Steve! Steve!
STG dude, behind you!
by Andy June 16, 2004
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Aptly stands for 'Super Tan Girl'; a combination of a Gina and Valley Girl into one entity. Usually blonde, but is based on the overexcessive and obvious fake bake the girl has undergone.

Also associated with the more popular crowd, but not necessarily meaning that they are.
"Do you think that she went on vacation?"
"No, she's just an STG"


"That girl over there is such an STG"
"tell me about it, she could support the whole bronzing industry single-handedly"
by fos_oleg January 9, 2010
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