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A fudamentalist Christian, devout to the point of mental retardation. A non-thinking person of Christian faith.

(See pronunciation)
"She doesn't believe in evolution because she is a Christard."
by D March 29, 2004
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cloggy betty is when as sexual senario has usally got tits up , was cocieved by the bournemouth student village krew.
i was fukking her then all of a sudden , i spurted and everything got abit cloggy betty.
by D July 24, 2004
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eater of cocks, someone who eats cocks
she is such a cock eater
by D March 28, 2005
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A womans lips that are plump, full, or unordinarily spongy. Lips that would feel even better than normal lips if wrapped around your penis.

dicksucking lips
Man she's got some nice cocksucking lips.
by D January 12, 2004
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A cutie teaching middle school in Japan
Doesn't that Coey have to get her picture taken on Monday?
by D October 15, 2004
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1. To leave somewhere
2. To go somewhere
1. This party's draggin lets bounce.
2. Lets bounce on over to ......
by D August 28, 2003
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Nick name for Newark New Jersey, derived from the large amount of crack bricks that can be purchased. The hardest, most ghetto city in America, possibly the world. If you think your city is ghetto, come here and prepare to be blown away.
An average of 4 people are murdered every day in the brick city.
by D April 29, 2004
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