what will keep you from having sex for at least a week.
Damn, she got the red sea. Time to look at some porn.
by 5p1k3 November 19, 2003
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1. an inlet between Africa and India
2. ok so your fucking this bitch...but shes on her period, so she starts to get real bloody...then right before you cum, knock her out by punching her in the face and giving her a nosebleed...then tie her up by her wrists and ankles, so the blood from her period and the blood from her nosebleed all run down into her bellybutton, creating a red sea.
girl wanted action on her period so i gave her the red sea.
by YeahINutted October 13, 2007
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when the crowd at a metal conset part and charge at each other
grrrrrreahhhaaa *thump* flys into biker and is thrown into the air

*red sea parts and your in the middle* hmm can i kiss my ass goodbye in time?
by siggins December 18, 2005
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it is the vagina
Ya dude, last night i finally opened Sarah's Red Sea
by T-Bone March 10, 2004
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the act of when a girl has her period without telling a guy, and tricks him into eating her out
dude last night my girl wanted me to eat her out, turns out it was a bad case of the red sea
by corcor99 June 29, 2009
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When in the bed room -- the man parts the legs of the woman to prepare for fornication in an epic fashion.
And Jerry did Red Sea that skank -- and it was good.
by TomKVideo December 07, 2008
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