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no need for anyones fuckin appliance, as in you can leave me alone with that shit.
"wanna ride"-na, im straight
by D February 13, 2004
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the boysof the stratford btec crew , found they all chopped and changed similar women so much , they startedto say in a bitch to one another , instead of in a bit
Dude one:ILater Dan you munkey hanger
Dude two:In a bitch you fudder mukker.
by D July 24, 2004
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Means that a woman is pregnant. The baby is like bread being baked in the woman/oven.
Mary has a little bun in the oven. I hope it isn't mine.
by D December 31, 2003
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Derogatory description of male anatomy, based on Apple's portable music player which is small and white.
No, I wouldn't sleep with him again, he's IPod in the pants.
by D November 16, 2003
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Toilet in Ireland. Usually the gent's toilet. Usually covered in piss maybe with a shite in the urinal. Accompanied by humerous and often informative grafitti.
Great stories on the walls in the Jacks! I've piss up to my knees though.
by D November 10, 2003
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The act of Jerking somebody off... sexual

this one's for you Melissa!
Daniel jerked some guy off! (ewww)
by D January 15, 2005
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A male from Southern New Jersey who somehow picked up a Deep Southern Accent and has a strange love for farm animals, Hunting, and Copenhagen. He also gets excited over Big Trucks and Big Woman.
by D November 04, 2004
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