When you do something and other people you know are copying what you are doing. In which the people would be trying to ride your wave.
For example: "None of these people in our college class started wearing A bathing ape till they saw me wearing it, they're trying to ride my wave
by 10TOESDOWN January 30, 2018
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1. To understand what someone is saying.
2. To be on board with an idea.
1. I'll take a half-chocolate/half-strawberry shake, but I don't want them mixed together. U ridin' my wave?

2. I'm goin' to get my drunk on, u ridin' my wave?
by Kim Crabb January 8, 2008
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A response to let someone know they should stop commenting on the fact that you are expressing what they consider to be negative vibes, thoughts, feelings etc.
"I'm pretty sure that I didn't get the manager's position that's opening up in my department."

Friend: "You have to be positive... don't be sending negative waves out there."

"Stop surfing my waves."
by lsnyder September 12, 2008
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Similar to "stay in you lane" this phrase refers to when someone is stealing your thing.
Caitlin: I think I'm going to start wearing all black and referring to myself as a"creative"

Megan: Seriously!? That's my thing. Get off my wave!
by meganlatte August 6, 2017
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"Did you see Tom, he forgot his lines and just stood there waving his dick in the wind"

"You just left me there, I was there all alone waving my dick in the wind"
by cockshitballs August 3, 2007
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Taking a chance, possibly looking foolish while doing so.
"I'm waving my dick in the wind, waving my dick in the wind
If I make it through the night everything will be alright, But I'm waving my dick in the wind" -Ween
by MostestEverest October 10, 2009
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showing interest in someone who doesn't seem to show interest back
"I thought she was into me, but I was just waving my dick in the wind"
by mrdew December 22, 2017
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