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A word or phrase exemplifying triumph or excitement.
I won the game, engaah!!!!
Look mom, no cavities engaah!
by d December 25, 2003
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when a guy f**ks a girl in her mouth
She LOVES to have her "Tonsils Touched".
by d August 9, 2004
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Best equipped variant of a Pontiac firebird, sharing the same chassis as the Chevy Camaro, both collectively called "F-Body cars." A Trans Am is a Firebird, but not all Firebirds are Trans Am's, make sense? A tasteful stand-out-in-the crowd true American muscle car, for those who find Fords distasteful and Chevy's too conservative. The Pontiac Trans Am is often depicted as the ultimate badass mobile.

Trans Am's are always V-8's (except for a few 80's 3rd gen models offered with the spectacular Turbo V-6 Grand National engine.

The best examples are the 4th gen 93-97 LT1 and 98-02 LS1 powered Trans Ams. The WS6 Ram Air Trans Am is the most aggressively styled road rocket to ever hit the street. For a time was the official car of the NHRA. Often sited by car magazines as the best 'bang for the buck' musclecar money can buy.

On the road, they are imposing, rumbling, and a little indimidating to other commuters. A renegade-looking car. Outlawish. Disobedient. Muscular styling with the power to back it up and then some.
"My honday civic just got whooped by a trans am!"

"Damn...that's a nice car man. What is that, a trans am?"

"I wish I had a trans am."

"There goes that punk kid in his trans am."
by d March 29, 2004
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The study of trigga
Trigga- (N) usually device on gun to release bullet (n) but in this case a down ass brotha who will pull that trigga fo a jigga
"Man that boy is my trigga, i wonder how much triganometry he copin"
by d January 27, 2004
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biggo titties spelt switching the b's and the t's. Means big titties.
by d November 30, 2003
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Anything (even loosely) associated with sex and circus. And midgets. And clowns, of course. Interrestingly, the act of "blowing a clown" happens a lot more often than one might think.
Clown 1: Hey Midget Bob! Check out my flower *spurt of semen*

Clown 2: Hee hehe heheh eheheh ehehehe hahah ahahahah ahah

Midget Bob: Harrr... that ain't no flower! It's a penis in disguise!!!
by d July 21, 2004
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1) stands for Souther Millionares University
2) place where graduates from highland park highschool go to study buissiness so they can take over their dad's companies and never worry about exposure to the real world
at first I was offended that the smu student called me a fag, then I realized he isnt in control of his life and is a puppet of his dad so I kept walking, knowing that his inability to cope with the world and his dependance on materials possesions would ultimatly cause his suicide or shitty life
by d September 15, 2004
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