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basically, your girl has something to bitch about.
"Honey, we need to talk."
by D September 22, 2003
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The "favor" you get in the McDonalds bathroom
by D November 15, 2003
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An agreement reached by two or more manfriends.
Steve and Bob reached a hugletonski.
by D December 10, 2003
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The most commonly used word between stoners.
"Here man." while passing a peice in a circle.
by D November 14, 2003
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Dude, stop being so woog. What are you doing? Tryna woog me?
by D February 28, 2005
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1) A rap song sung by the Terror Squad.
2) A command exclaiming to perform the act of leaning back.
Said my niggas don't dance,
we just pull up the pants and,
Do the Roc-away.
Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.
by D August 13, 2004
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