1)the best clan in the world at counter strike battlefield and dod

2)someone who owns a ss troop

3)kow rules the clan with john and chris at 2ic
by john langley August 10, 2003
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The /real/ 9th is a brotherhood approaching 5 years strong, originating on a silly game called Homeworld.
In short, we're better than a pack of pimple-poppin' CS'ers.
Land Stander - drawing says:
I mean in this conversation alone how many times have you people said the word 'fag' in some form?
Tuna - Everything's grey, everyone's pale. says:
Mark says:
stfu fag
tim says:
stfu faggot
by Tuna[9th] April 5, 2004
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Happy 9th is a gathering of young men at Loyola academy in the passing period between 8th and 9th(last) period. When this gathering takes place every day 50-100 young men arrive in the men’s bathroom next to the east gym to wish everyone a happy 9th period. When someone enters they receive a warm welcome and the chant of "HAPPY 9TH". This then is disbanded just in time for everyone to reach their classes and have a wonderful 9th period!
McCann(at lunch)-"whos hitting up happy 9th, its so gnar!"
jack-"i am its the s**t"
fitz-"hey watch your language herman, but where/what is it?"
McCann-"its like an in-school party that gets you hyped for last period. its in the bathroom next to the east gym. hit it up. im stoked!"
by yeswemccann October 4, 2012
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The day the baddest bitch/dude was born. On this day, the stars aligned and God placed multiple seeds in many lucky women around the globe. These women birthed the most legendary people to ever exist. All my august 9th people, rise up! Your time is now. You are superior.
Man, those born on August 9th are LEGENDS.
by cookyyyy October 15, 2019
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A day to tell your crush you like them or slap a bitch
That’s because it’s November 9th
by Joe mama player October 14, 2019
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The Day that the Finest bitches ever we’re born.
Amanda: OMG Jakes so fine!!!

Sarah: He was probably born on November 9th.
by your mom’s coochie October 19, 2019
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