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1) stands for Souther Millionares University
2) place where graduates from highland park highschool go to study buissiness so they can take over their dad's companies and never worry about exposure to the real world
at first I was offended that the smu student called me a fag, then I realized he isnt in control of his life and is a puppet of his dad so I kept walking, knowing that his inability to cope with the world and his dependance on materials possesions would ultimatly cause his suicide or shitty life
by D September 14, 2004
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Snaggleclerk. A word used to describe someone who sucks up at an office job to get a higher position and/or gives oral pleasure to advance themselves.
Look at her she is such a snaggleclerk, i hear she did the CEO last night!
by D March 13, 2005
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A economic system where People control enterprises. Every worker owns one share of his company, therefore nobody has more than one share, and the power is so desentralized that nobody could ever go corrupt. Like now but without that power-mongering owner.

Given a bad name, because it was used a long time ago under the control of dictator. But what dumbshits fail to realize is that world was coming out of Monarchy. People were used to being oppresesd, and there was mass starvation and chaos that the people were so tired of it they were willing to beleave in any Man who claimed he could bring stabiliy. Some men like this were Hitler, Lennin Stalin. At that time culture was designed for Monarchy, or dictatorship.
And also Karl Marx said that back then it woulden't have worked any way, It move from Democracy, to Socialism to Communism. So now people have a mentality to handle this system. A system without central power controlling. Then we can move to communism
Socialism fucking works

Comment submitted with request to delete; "Writer is rambling on about a Utopian wish, does not make a logical case based upon human experience, and does not seem to be particularly literate, which makes one wonder just how much they have read or studied the subject."
by D March 07, 2003
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A form of temple prostitution. Religious bigots tend to misuse this word to mean gay anal sex. Sorry it's not. I've checked my sources and it means temple prostitution.
there was sodomy going on inside our church yesterday.
by D January 11, 2004
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a sodomy circle is when a bunch of gay guys have a orgy and they stick their dicks up the guy's (in front of them)ass at an angle so they form a circle
Wow those guys are really hardcore gay, they are doing a sodomy circle
by D February 28, 2004
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A word used when someone around u said or did something really stupid
Dat nigga Trey gave me 20 dallaz 4 a piece of gum.Damn sumebody fell out of da dumb tree dis mornin
by D November 23, 2003
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A term used when one of ur homeboys or homegrls walk around lookin fucked up.
Damn trey!!who did ur edge up!! HAHA somebody fell out of da dumb tree this mornin
by D November 23, 2003
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