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when someone (usually a male) has sex with a (usually a female) while she's on her period.
johnny: hey sexy, you ready for me?
suzy:no way..*whispers* it's that time of the month)
johnny: don't worry, i'll 'dive right into that red sea.'
by D November 17, 2003
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the act of being very fat and when people compare you to the whale "shamu"
That girls looks like shamu's twin.
by D April 19, 2004
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thing moo of ryry in a time and space beyond this place
woah! look at those shineys, damn their everywhere, their everywhere!

is that a shiney on the ceiling?
by D September 26, 2004
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Abbreviation for "mushroom." Generally used in the narcotic sense.
by D February 13, 2003
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