A real cool guy. Duped the Egyptians into thinking he was royalty, then ran away after killing one of them. Famous quote: "Let my people go!" Moses' people were the enslaved Israelites. Together they crossed the Red Sea using the Force, but the Egyptians were dumbasses and could neither use the Force nor swim worth a damn. Moses would be a saint if he had been in the New Testament, but instead he's Jewish. Not to be confused with Moses Malone, basketball star.
Moses means 'drawn from the reeds.' It is debated whether or not Moses Malone was drawn from the reeds, too.
by 7620 August 29, 2005
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One of the hippest Jews on the planet, like Jesus and Woody Allen.
Yo moses, howzit goin homeslice!
by dehidral767 June 22, 2005
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(verb) The act of walking directly at one or more people with the intention of forcing them to diverge from their path so you can continue with yours. An allusion to the biblical tale of moses seperating the Red Sea.
While walking the hallways, we mosesed the oncoming hoards of people as to not be slowed down.

It is important to make sure you let your opponent know that you have no intention of letting them pass while you moses through the crowd.
by rileyswank May 05, 2009
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a word used to describe an inhabitant of the inner west

common characteristics include
- a mother with exquisite cooking techniques (although, bel's mother will ALWAYS be superior)
- uses words not otherwise known to the english language, ie wey
- appears in public wearing odd blue glasses
- possess little to no understanding of the wonder of The Shire
- also commonly refers to self by pretentious initials
- generally has red hair ( a ranga ), but refuses to admit to existence of their genetic disorder
- one that likes to pimp in shays sunnies and an elvis belt

"hey look at that guy, he's semi attractive"
"nah, check out those glasses, he's majorly moses"

"ohmygod! check out that guy! look at his red hair!"
"yeah, i know, clearly moses..."
by rachmarty April 20, 2008
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a guy who will or had sex with a girl when she has her period,
part the red sea right?
Betty: I got some last night.
Jane: I thought you had your period?
Betty: Yes, but John is freaking moses.
by 11212 October 12, 2006
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1. Somone who likes to eat girls out while there on there rag. derived from moses parting the "red seas"

2. a butch lesbian, aso derived from moses parting the "red seas"
"ewww.. whats that all over your face... moses!"
by Munky88 July 13, 2005
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A beautiful bong that portrays a peaceful image of sand melting into the ocean.Owned by a bucky (<- See Bucky by Cara)
"Man, I got dat fire! Where is Moses?"
by Cara April 13, 2004
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