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Omnisexuality is fairly similar to a person who identify's as pansexual, but a little different. An omnisexual person does identify themselves and other's as a gender, rather than being gender-blind like a pansexual person would. Omnisexual people have an attraction to all gender's, but tend to like one gender more than the rest.
Person: Hey uh... I'm coming out as omnisexual!...
Person's friend: Huh? What does that mean?
Person: It means I like all genders, but I like one gender the most, which is girls. *smirks*
Person's friend:Oh.... cool haha!
by April 30, 2020
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Omnisexual people are similar to pansexual people.

Pansexual people are known as “gender blind” which means they look past the persons gender and look just at the person themselves.

Omnisexual people take in account of the persons gender and sway toward one, but they don’t really care in the long run.
Friend: Can I ask a question?
Me: Sure, go ahead.
Friend: What’s your sexuality? I think I’m bicurious.
Me: Cool. I’m omnisexual.
Friend: Awesome! How can you tell?
Me: Well, I’m attracted to any gender, but I sway more toward guys. I don’t really mind their gender, though.
Friend: That’s pretty cool.
by Goldeneye the Furry December 08, 2018
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"Omnisexual and Pansexual are REALLY similar, almost the same. But there is a difference:

Pansexuals can be called "gender-blind", they do not see or think about gender, they only are attracted to the person.

Omnisexuals, however, notice the person's gender, they recognise it and are attracted to ALL genders. "

In other words, omnisexuals are attracted to all genders, but not REGARDLESS of gender. Gender can still be a factor in their attraction, unlike true pansexuals, who don't care about gender.
She's omnisexual, but she tends to date a lot of women.
by Valon May 27, 2015
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Considered to go hand-in-hand with being pansexual, being omnisexual is a bit different. Pansexuals don't tend to view gender in the same ways that we do, whereas omnisexuals view gender normally, they just don't care.

Omnisexuals are attracted equally to all human beings (men, women, transexuals, etc.) They tend to go through phases of gender attraction that switch frequently and will eventually settle down with whoever wins their heart, regardless of said person's gender.
"Man, Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who is such an omnisexual; he'll screw anything that has a pulse."
by leona_kalon January 13, 2013
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Compared to Pansexuals, who are gender blind, Omnisexuals acknowledge and accept a person's gender. Both Pansexuals and Omnisexuals find attraction to people regardless of gender. Omnisexuals have an awareness of gender.
1: "Can I ask a question?"
2: "Absolutely! Thank you for asking."
1: " How do you identify as far as sexual orientation?"
2: "I'm Omnisexual"
1:"What's that?"
2: "It's kind of like Pansexual, but a little bit different."
1:"That's awesome! I'm Pansexual"
2: :)
1: :)
by rainbowroads September 12, 2017
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generally interchangable with pansexual. one whose romantic, emotional, or sexual attractions are geared towards others regardless of sex and/or gender expression.
lorri set up a network for pan-, bi- and omnisexual visibility.
by dagger_grrl February 20, 2004
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