8 definitions by Colin G.

an idiot, moron, or fucktard. Inspired by a level on Heroes of Might and Magic.
Other guy: Along Came Polly is a good movie.
Me: You're such a fuckin jihad.
by Colin G. September 19, 2007
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One of those big turds that falls, hits, and then a split second later sends a monstrous splash up to soak your ass.
I used a whole fucking role of toilet paper cuz I kept dropping depth charges.
by Colin G. November 04, 2007
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an area where a stupid asshole bitch who thinks they're the shit from nyc doesn't want to show his bitch face.
new yorker: hey new york is the shit, its the only real city in the state of new york. now lets stand on line and buy a cawwwwwwffee. the jets and giants are sick.

buffalonian: this is the 716 fucker. buffalo would kick you ass even if you outnumber us by 7.5 million cuz you're all pussies. we stand IN line and drink coffee. the jets and giants play in new jersey you bitch, the Bills are New York State's team!
by Colin G. December 09, 2007
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1. n. The insanely large erection you get when Jonny Paps comes into the game with a 1 run lead in the 9th inning.

2. v. The act of totally shitting on somebody.
1.oh fuck dude that Papelboner just tore through my boxers.

2. the red sox are totally gonna papelboner the yanks tonight
by Colin G. November 04, 2007
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A group of incredibly gay people, such as the New York Yankees or New England Patriots.
The Patriots are having a pretty sick season.

Yea they're still a bunch of nutsack lickers.
by Colin G. October 29, 2007
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the procedure where you get ribs removed so that you can suck you're own dick, made famous by Marilyn Manson.
Charlie is so gay, he told me he wants to get the Manson.
by Colin G. November 04, 2007
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any Yankees hat-wearing, purse-carrying, Boston-based sack of horseshit who happens to be the quarterback of the New England Patriots and who doesn't even have to make good throws because his top receiver is unstoppable and catches anything within 20 yards of his body.
Hey did you see Tom Brady wearing a Yankees hat and carrying a purse the other day?

Yea, it was all over the papers, he must be a total homo.
by Colin G. November 05, 2007
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