area code for Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas, former area code for Rochester
"dial 716 before the phone number, derrr."
by tehsarah July 19, 2004
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Coolest fucking place to be in New York. People are chill and food is great. Make good ass memories with your friends here and talk about it for years. A lot of people pick on it but no matter what it’s home. Winter is lit and summer is even more lit. You’ll meet your best friends here. Don’t @ me but I wouldn’t wanna be from any other part of ny except the 716.
“The 716 is the coolest fucking area on the planet and it’s fucking awesome man.”
by Grasshopper2037 March 23, 2018
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an area where a stupid asshole bitch who thinks they're the shit from nyc doesn't want to show his bitch face.
new yorker: hey new york is the shit, its the only real city in the state of new york. now lets stand on line and buy a cawwwwwwffee. the jets and giants are sick.

buffalonian: this is the 716 fucker. buffalo would kick you ass even if you outnumber us by 7.5 million cuz you're all pussies. we stand IN line and drink coffee. the jets and giants play in new jersey you bitch, the Bills are New York State's team!
by Colin G. December 09, 2007
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Book's page of an italian philosophy teacher's favourite scheme
"I wonder what we'll be studying today, hopefully something new"
"..after Napoleon, if you go to page 716 you'll see the scheme.."
by wapreens October 11, 2020
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