The Quarterback is the third episode of the fifth season of the hit show Glee. It is a tribute to the late Cory Monteith and his character, Finn Hudson. This episode will probably make you bawl your eyes out if you're really into the show.
"Omg, did you watch The Quarterback episode of Glee yet?"
"Yeah, I was upset for days after watching it"
by chickennuggetsss August 16, 2018
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In cooperative tabletop games when one player with more experience at the game tells everyone what to do, depriving them of agency.
James was just trying to play his character but Michael kept quarterbacking and telling him what to do!
by Clyde the Necromancer October 17, 2020
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hovering over a public toilet in the quarterback position and taking a shit trying not to touch the seat with your ass.
Dude, that bathroom was so filthy I had to quarterback it!
by C-Mor-Buttz March 8, 2003
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to manage, lead, or direct someone or something
by Light Joker April 3, 2007
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The dude who's banging the lead cheerleader.
rob: Hey you know steve?
bill: steve who?
rob: steve, the quarterback. he's boning tiffany right now as we speak
bill: tiffany?
rob: yeah... you know, tiffany, the cheerleader
bill: who?
rob: ah screw you.
by The Black Jack November 23, 2006
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1. The position in football that puts his hands up the centers ass before he hikes the ball
2. A refund from the payphone.
1. That quarterback sucks. Get him outta here!!
2. Hey!! I got a quarterback!!
by Danteezy Fo' Sheezy February 26, 2003
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another term form of the verb "to plan"
Yo shutup!!! Let me quarterback this thing.
by red21dragon February 3, 2005
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