Medium sized tits that have the texture of an old fashioned car horn. All that's missing is the honking sound. Be great it they did make a honker honker sound when squeezed
by Working Class Hero December 2, 2020
Bro; dude; homie (originating from Cuban-American culture in Miami, Florida)
“Yo, paps, what’s good?“
“Yo, paps, can I get a sandwich with pavo de low sodio para el corazon?”
by The Wolfff December 19, 2019
It's a nickname to a male friend. You can also use this nickname if you don't know the real name of that guy.
Me: Paps, where are you going?
Friend: I'm going to the city.
by NancyWancy June 28, 2019
A slang term for breasts used by Jesus Christ. These quotes are often found in the Four Gospels in the Bible.
He that shall betrayeth me shall pray he had never been born and never had paps to suck.
by Kippski July 27, 2005
Nickname for the skeleton Papyrus from Undertale. He is the most innocent cinnamon roll ever, and if anyone kills him they should be burning in hell. He is Sans younger brother, he makes spaghetti, and he is a cool dude.
Paps is one of my favorite characters from Undertale. My other favorite is Pap's brother, Sans.
by Yes, I'm A Fangirl... December 1, 2019
1. one extra friendly toward children, expecially boys.
2. after an encounter with the paps, usually occuring around 9:30 pm, one will wish he or she had never been born, or raped.
" Excuse me Mike, I must unfortunatly spend time with the paps, because it's almost 9:30."
by DImetiYUs April 16, 2005