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A caring loving and beatifull girl, always impresses a man no matter what can trust mostly everyone. She has funny and king friends but her best feature are her eyes and personality

She has great luck and is very pretty
Look it’s polly

Wow her eyes are amazing
by Dr phandsom July 27, 2018
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A girl who loves to laugh and giggle. She is normally a tall, kind person who has pet peeves. Her friends are a variety of sizes from small to tall, thick to thin LOL. But she is a loving caring person with a fun, energetic heart x
Awe Polly is soo nice!
by jimmy_edith August 27, 2017
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As a licensed peng ting, you can expect a Polly to be amazingly smart, endearingly charming and musically gifted.

Boys can’t help but swoon over a Polly due to her incredible personality and drop dead gorgeous fig.
Pollys are great friends and are not afraid to defend you and stand up to bullies because they know how it feels to be singled out.
Holly- β€˜Wow, Polly is so popular with the boys!’
Meg- β€˜Yeah, I wish I could be a Polly.’
Gracie- β€˜I wish I could play piano like a Polly!!’
by PollyFan666 December 18, 2017
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(verb) To repeat what someone else says verbatim, as if one were a parrot. Coined from the common pirate name of parrots, Polly
Dude, I'm just pollying what Andrew said. Don't shoot the messenger!
by lolmaster777 October 04, 2010
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Polly is extremely nice to everyone but if u aid anything bad about her she isn’t afraid to say something to u. In order for u to get all the love and respect from her u want, u must first test her right. She was taught to never change for anyone and to stay herself. She loves to share and give u warm hugs. She’s a great listener and has the best advice ever. She loves proving her point and has good arguments. She always makes activities fun and is loud (in a good way). She is a naturally born leader. She can be a little cold and subtle at time but at least you know she will ALWAYS be honest with you. Stay on her good side or else bad things await you. She can give you the cold shoulder if she feels like you want her to change herself. She has stunning eyes like a tiger. Her hair is long and flowy. She has a charming smile and adorable laugh. She is an amazing human being.
Polly (n) is funny
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A person of extraordinary beauty. Used as a code word for a beautiful male or female. shortened 'oh my golly shes hot' to 'polly'.
Hi nice to meet you, you are polly.
Did you see that polly?
That girl is polly
by Luke Bnejamin October 25, 2006
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