Nickname of Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics.

Coined by Shaq after Paul put up an impressive performance.

Shaq: Paul Pierce is the motherfucking Truth.
The Truth glides through the lane for an impressive layup.
by aliendave February 3, 2005
The Truth is something that you normally think other people can't handle knowing. It is what you avoid ever having to give in order to keep up this little game that you tend to play with other peoples lives, instead you fead them lies to keep them as loyal pawns in this elaborate chess game we call life. Quite often the truth is replaced with a lie, that after a long period of time , starts to seem real.
The truth is that nobody can ever be trully honest with any other person, there will always be lies to mascarade it.
by Xero _ Manifest December 21, 2010
The saxophonist for the band Skilless Villains. This man makes the ladies panties drop with one blow on the sax, nuff said.. If you never heard him play, then you've never heard The Truth..
That saxophone player last night was The Truth!
by TA024 May 18, 2010
Slang for a very large penis.
Girlfriend: I want to have sex with you!

Boyfriend: I don't think you can handle The Truth.

Girlfriend: yes I can!

Boyfriend: Are you sure? The Truth hurts but it can set you free. ;)
by PurpleNurple12345678910 December 8, 2011
The name of your dick because bitches can't handle it.
Mmmmm yeah, guess what
What sexy<33?
mmm AHAAHAHAHAHH ouch that hurts stop stop uh uh uh
by VS1001001 September 30, 2016