Any person whose face makes them seem like they're a bitch.
Person A: @*$!3Y looks like such a bitch.
Person B: No, shes not. Her face just looks like that, she has a bitch face. Shes actually really nice.
by Webster292929 December 4, 2008
a man/women you wanna just punch straight in the face and you cant because you'll be judged
by smiling headshot November 5, 2018
a bitch face is one whoe pisses people off by means of stupidity and or dumbassedness see {fuck face}
by amber March 7, 2004
1) Someone who annoys the hell out of you. 2) Any ugly chick
Hey Bitch Face, get ovah ere
by strangecat July 26, 2002
A person who has a face that looks like a bitch, or a girl who is REALLY ugly.
Eww look at that girl over there. Ohh I know she looks like a bitch face!!
by D-Jon May 28, 2006
a person being extremely bitchy, not liked, ugly ass face(bushy eyebrows,big nose, HUGE forehead,poopy brown eyes,fucked up cheeks,ect...)
Mariah is a major bitch face.

You want to know a bitch face meet Mariah.

Mariah meets all the categories of a bitch face.

You know that one ugly ass girl....umm..Mariah she is such a bitch face.

Knat: Who would you describe as a bitch face?
Cid: Mariah Rachell.

by knatcid12365 July 20, 2008