Quarantine Buddy. Someone you want to netflix and chill with during self imposed quarantine like covid 19 or corona virus
by Tumibear March 28, 2020
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QB stands for quadruple B (b.b.b.b), which stands for Big Black Booty Bitch.
nigga1: Damn that Rihanna looking girl is a QB!!
nigga1: hell yea negro lets tap that qb together

nigga1: i feel ya nigga

*2 minutes later*
nigga3: dayum nigga did you see that QB?
whiteboi: i love QBs
by IlikeQBs March 25, 2011
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QueensBridge, Queens, New York.
Housing Projects.
Ron Artest wears 96/93 for QueensBridge.

Throwin' passes from a barrel, shoulder pads, apparel
but the QB don't stand for no quarterback.
by Nasty Nag July 9, 2009
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Peter: Hey did you see Adam doing that dooder in the butt yesterday?
Ricky: Yeah! He is a fat QB!


Peter: Dude I'm hella hungry. Where should we eat?
Adam: We could try QB Tuesdays.
by SupWatchaWant May 2, 2009
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Quick Beat

A rapid handjob performed by oneself or a partner

Usually combined with lesbian pornography
Pat: "Yo, can I get a QB I've had a bad day?"
Butters: "Fuck you kid your a dick"
Pat: "Dude, don't be a dick!"
Butters: "Alright, throw on some LP and meet me upstairs"
by Rollo Tony January 10, 2012
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1. Any sexual activity, specifically that of the rough 'n' ready nature - a "quick bonk".

2. A piss-easy maths course taken by proven softies.

"Oli, what are you up to this afternoon?"
"I'm going to Matt's room to do some QB"
by Dave (I hate God) February 28, 2009
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