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A CBD tincture is a dietary supplement that comes in liquid form and has a very potent cannabidiol content. Tinctures are created by steeping CBD-rich hemp flowers in high-proof grain alcohol, then cooking over low heat for multiple hours.
Gran: My Back Pain is getting worse each day......

Rebecca: Take a few drop from this CBD Tincture and your soul will be cured!!!
by CannabisKings April 3, 2019
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The REAL Michael De Santa (GTA)

Michael Vernon Townley (born December 5, 1942) is a former agent of the Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional currently living under terms of the US federal witness protection program. An operative of the Chilean secret police, Townley confessed, was convicted, and served 62 months in prison in the United States for the 1976 Washington, D.C., assassination of Orlando Letelier, former Chilean ambassador to the United States. As part of his plea bargain, Townley received immunity from further prosecution; he was not extradited to Argentina to stand trial for the 1974 assassination of Chilean general Carlos Prats and his wife.
Jack: Is Michael De Santa from GTA based on a real person?

Sam: Google Michael V Townley!
by CannabisKings March 31, 2019
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The classiest of all stoner chicks! A Brandy Grindzz is a pot smokers dream, both unique in style, charisma and rolls blunts like a true legend. All the other girls want to be a Brandy Grindzz and all the boys want to marry a Brandy Grindzz (including the fathers). She is always happy, smiling and smoking bud! Always positive, empowering and chilling out...
Brandon: Dam there go's another Brandy Grindzz.

Peter: If only I could find myself a Brandy Grindzz, my dream, my life, my love.

Brandon: You sentimental git!, but yeah we all need a Brandy Grindzz
by CannabisKings March 28, 2019
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The art of burrowing ones knob deep into a pot of mud.
James: Hear about Tom at work? His wife caught him with his dick burrowed deep in soil.

Adam: What, you have never given Dickplant ago?... It keeps the cock fertilised!
by CannabisKings March 30, 2019
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Someone who really enjoys the feeling of blood pumped to his penis. A Viagratarian will generally masturbate upto 2-3 hours a day using several online cam sites. A Viagratarian will also be seen on local chat-sites "for teens" holding one hand into a mobile device whilst the other "jacks-off vigorously into a bathroom mirror". At this point the audience will capture a relatively small but "pumped cock" making it's way to climax. To a Viagratarian this is a huge turn on. Women tend to click next immediately after seeing a Viagratarian perform penile stimulation.
Gemma: Did you just see that guy on Omegle "Cock all out"?

Emma: Yeah, like total Viagratarian. He kept showing me his small cock!?!..., Disgusting!

Gemma: Yeah so many Viagratarians using these sites!
by CannabisKings March 28, 2019
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drug dealer
noun: drug dealer; plural noun: drug dealers; noun: drugdealer; plural noun: drugdealers
a person who sells illegal drugs.
"investigators are trying to find the drug dealer who supplied him with the heroin"
Jeff: My bro has just been banged up again for 11 years.

Carl: Maybe the fact he was a well known drug dealer...
by CannabisKings April 3, 2019
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Heaven, the heavens, seven heavens, pure lands, Tian, Jannah, Valhalla, or the Summerland, is a common religious, cosmological, or transcendent place where beings such as gods, angels, jinn, saints, or venerated ancestors are said to originate, be enthroned, or live. According to the beliefs of some religions, heavenly beings can descend to earth or incarnate, and earthly beings can ascend to heaven in the afterlife, or in exceptional cases enter heaven alive.

Heaven is often described as a "higher place", the holiest place, a paradise, in contrast to hell or the underworld or the "low places", and universally or conditionally accessible by earthly beings according to various standards of divinity, goodness, piety, faith or other virtues or right beliefs or simply the will of God.

Hell, in many religious and folkloric traditions, is a place of torment and punishment in the afterlife. Religions with a linear divine history often depict hell as an eternal destination, while religions with a cyclic history often depict a hell as an intermediary period between incarnations. Typically, these traditions locate hell in another dimension or under the earth's surface and often include entrances to hell from the land of the living. Other afterlife destinations include purgatory and limbo.
Preacher: Your choices in life will determine whether you go to Heaven or Hell.
by CannabisKings April 21, 2019
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