Any molten metal other than mercury, e.g. iron and steel, lead, tin, aluminium, copper, silver, gold, platinum, etc. Usually used in industry to refer to the product of melting furnaces.
Furnaces 4 and 5 can each melt and tap about 6 tonnes of hot metal.
by sentinel75 May 10, 2005
Bands who sell merch at Hot Topic and pander to bandwhore teenage girls. They are cliche "pop punk" or "post hardcore" by title. They all sound alike and their fans like them for the sake of band fandom, hence why their fanbases are all like "omg bandz omg lelelele so coot"
All Time Low , Pierce the Veil , Sleeping with Sirens , Forever the Sickest Kids , all that SHIT. Hot topic metal
by I hate scene kids too much December 2, 2013
A favourite catchphrase from everyones favourite spaz The Bo
it is used to point out something blatantly obvious after someone has made a mistake, much simmilar to saying mind your head after someone bangs there head.

this paticular line originated when The Bo pointed out that metal gets hot when heated after someone burnt there hand on an iron bar that had just been in a furnace

this phrase is used in multiple situations,example such as course its not sharp its a football and course its cold, it ice
person 1#Shit! thats hot
Bo# Course its hot its a metal
by The Local Bo-watch July 6, 2008