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Pulling and pumping your hard penis up and down to achieve an orgasm. At this stage your penis will ejaculate hot, sticky stuff all over your hands and then slowly go soft.
One time i was masturbating in my room fully naked when my brother came in and I was caught in the act. He could not have walked in at a worse time as I was about to come. I quickly stood up to hide myself but i was past the point of return and sperm pumped into my palms as i hid my dick. It dripped through my fingers and the orgasm was so powerful i let out a few pathetic gasps. I still cannot look my brother in the eyes. I lock the door now when I have a masturbation session.
by Callum69 May 24, 2009

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Refered to males, usualy in their early teens. A wet dream is when a boy is sleeping and then suddenly wakes up to find that his erected dick is pumping out hot sticky man juice all over his boxers, or if he sleeps naked, all over his pubes, stomach and chest. Although sometimes pleasant, wet dreams are mostly annoying for boys as they are too shocked and confused to really enjoy the ejaculation, and it is a bitch to clean up in the morning.

Masturbation usually helps prevent wet dreams and Fap Shortscan be worn if wet dreams persist.
On school camp, when I was sleeping in a dorm with my friends, I had a dream that my penis was very itchy and tense. I awoke early that morning to find my penis was throbbing stiff and was pumping semen out with each convulsion. The wet dream seemed to last forever and my boxers were filled with hot, sticky juice, dripping into my pubes and oozing down my inner thighs. My come was everywhere. At that moment our teacher came in to wake us up for our morning hike.

Since it was only a 1 night stay I had decided to only bring 1 set of underwear, the one I splurged my load in. Having no time to even clean myself up, I spent the 1 hour hike feeling my man juice slowly ooze out of my squichy boxers and down my legs. I smelt like jizz the whole day.
by Callum69 May 16, 2009

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A great place to jerk off when your a teenager and have little privacy.
Man i have a throbbing erection and i really need somewhere to explode my load! Hmmmm the house if full of people....

"I'm taking a shower!"

Alright party time! fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap stiffled groan
by Callum69 May 11, 2009

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Underwear commonly worn by males. Like briefs, boxers are used to support your penis and balls, but to a less and more comfortable extent. This is good because of comfort, but your balls tend to flop around alot and your penis is always slapped around by your thighs when you walk, sometimes causing it to harden. Boxers are the most common clothing item to catch your sperm in as some boys jerk off in their boxers or even wake up to a wet dream where their dick is pumping out hot jizz all over themselves. Overall boxers are a little bit better then briefs, but not if you get erections easily.
Last night I had a throbbing boner which wouldnt go away so i pulled down my pants and boxers I started fapping hard and quick at my dick. I was about to squirt when my dad came in so I quickly pulled my boxers to hide my erection from my dad. The feeling of silk on my sensitive penis was the last straw and we both watched as my hard cock bobbed up and down as it pumped jizz all over my boxers, staining them creamy white. My dad laughed embarrasingly and almost ran out the room, leaving me standing there half naked with my boxers filled with steaming, sticky jizz.
by Callum69 June 11, 2009

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Ejaculation is the ejecting of semen from a penis, and is usually followed by orgasm. It is usually the final stage and natural objective of sexual stimulation which is either from sex or masturbation.

Ejaculation can also occur during sleep, known as a nocturnal emission or wet dream, where the male has no control over the spontaneous ejection of sperm from his unstimulated penis.

A usual precursor to ejaculation is for a male to have an erection, which then allows the penis to be stimulated.

When a man has undergone a sufficient amount of stimulation on his erection, ejaculation begins. Sperm is pumped out of the penis with rhythmic contractions, each contraction spurting more and more sperm out. A typical ejaculation consists of 10-15 contractions.
During sex, John shuddered with pleasure as he reached orgasm and his erect penis convulsed as he spurted warm sperm inside his partner's slippery vagina. His ejaculation lasted for a wonderful 30 seconds during which all he could do was gasp and groan.
by Callum69 July 19, 2009

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Used to soak up a boy's jizz after he masturbated into it. Many boys masturbate with the sock over the penis, soaking the sock in warm water to simulate the feel of a warm vagina. Some masturbate and only use the sock right before they are about the ejaculate by inserting the dick in the sock right before orgasm. This is good as you dont have to worry where your man juice goes. Whatever way you use it, socks are awwsome when your a teenager who likes to have wanks.
Last night i felt like a fap but it was late at night and really dark. instead of trying to catch my jizz in the dark, I simply slipped on a sock over the throbbing penis and pumped away at it. I came all over the sock and the next morning i just chucked it in the laundry.
by Callum69 June 13, 2009

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Clothing that you fill with hot sticky cum when you ejaculate from your throbbing hard dick due to masturbation or a wet dream
Last night I woke up to find my boxers squishy with cold sperm all over it and my stomach and legs. I realised I had a wet dream and thought, hey im already dirty... I masturbated and didnt even bother to catch the cum, leaving my boxers to catch it. It was awsome, my jizz went all over my hands and I rubbed it all over my softening dick.
by callum69 May 29, 2009

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