one who is better prepared for the zombie apocalypse but not tomorrow's math test
by UnknownSkater May 11, 2013
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People who are treated like children, but expected to act like adults that are usually misunderstood.
by littlemissurbandictionary January 6, 2011
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People who get no repect and are looked down upon because some of us are idiots.
Not all teenagers are bad, disrespectful, know-it-all, idiots. It's just a pathetic sterotype.
by seth_cohen_fan January 15, 2006
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thought to be a no-good-being, full of trouble and constantly doing illegal things. when in reality, we like unicorns, footy pyjamas, disney movies, and peanutbutter and jam sandwiches. we make a production out of eating fishy crackers or animal crackers. we like bubbles and sparkles and we wish we were jedi knights. when we grow up we want to be princesses and super heros. we like domo, phineas and ferb, finding nemo and we sing the bill nye the science guy theme song when it comes on. sure not all of us are like this. but i know a lot of people my age (15) have the maturity level of a 6 year old. we aren't all into getting smashed doing drugs having wild parties and sex.
teen: bye mom i'm going out?
mom:where are you going?
teen: to jens house to watch finding nemo. she got a new lightsaber too... and i want one too.... can i have one mom?
mom: you're supposed to be a teenager not a six year old.
teen: mom, i am 15. i am a teenager. i'm just more fun than you were when you were 15.
by meanwhile, in the real world September 5, 2011
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Something you either have been, are, or will be.
Stop fucking adolescents! Look up and you'll know why.
by TanooKirby May 24, 2003
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Like any age group, theres some good and some bad. They are a diverse group of people, affected mostly by their 3 enviornments (school, social, home) and their everchanging emotional state will determine how they are in those enviroments. Many elders look on this group as nothing but a bunch of "smokin, drinkin, lazy, noisy good for nothin' punks who have sex and do whatever the fuck they want" though really it just depends on the individual. Im gonna be 17 at the end of this comin' august, and i will admit that i do smoke and drink at times, but its not all the time, and it doesnt make me a bad person cuz i dont go doin anything to anyone else. I just wanna live. There are teens who are understood and theres ones who are misunderstood, yet there a lotta adults who say "all teens just think theyre misunderstood and ignored, but we know whats right for them" and that pisses me off the way those adults think they can speak out for us like that. I think it would help if the stereotypes about our age group lightened up.
Two elderly folks on a bench watching a group of 3 teens walk by:
Elderly1:Look at those good for nothing punks walk by, theyre always up to no good i tells ya!
Elderly2:What? Theyre just walking and talking
Elderly1:But look at how theyre trying to look all innocent yet theyre grouped up in their clan walkin and talkin about something, probably some scandal or something dirty
Elderly 2:Oh yeah, and look at how theyre smiling, that smug grin will be wiped off when the cops catch them!
Teenagers talkin amongst themselves: So, ya wanna go see a movie or play some football in the alley?
Teen1:Well first lets get outta here
Teen1:See them elderly folks over there givin us the evil eye?
Teen2:Yeah, why? Were just walkin and talkin!
Teen3:Damn, ones whippin out his cane, run!
Elderly1(with cane):Look at those troublemakers run, they know we dont want their trouble here
Elderly2:They aint afraid of the cops but theyre afraid of a whippin, he he!
Teen1:Theyre still givin us a look from a distance, what did we do?
Teen2:Were teenagers, of course those folks would snap
Teen3:But if we werent to go out and about like this, then our parents would get on our case on sittin around the house, thats why they think were all lazy, though its just some of us
Teen1:I guess were safe nowhere, though were the ones viewed as a threat to society
Teens:Lets just go home now
by some teen dude June 13, 2006
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Teenager, exactly what it says on the box. Those whose iage/i falls within the iteens/i
13, 14,15,16,17,18,19
Not quite a child, not quite an adult.
For some reason, the media likes to attempt to convince people we are all criminials.
Society: FACE IT! Being a teenager is NOT A CRIME as the way lots of people behave towards us would make you think.
In my opinion, ageism is just as bad as all the other ___isms.
Sorry but I don't believe in being suspicious of someone purely because of the amount of birthdays they had.
In that light, the pathetic plastic fictional sterotype of teenagers portrayed by the media is exposed for what it really is, huh?
Which is:
Sure, some of them are criminals.
How do you get from some teenagers are criminals to all teenagers are criminals?
That's like saying that some adults have commited crimes therefore all adults have past offences to their name.
Now, whether or not most graffiti is done by teenagers or not, I won't debate.
But if I said that most adultery is done by adults therefore all/most adults commit adultery, you'd probably look at me like I'd gone mad.
Maybe teenagers do commit more crimes than others but more things are illegal for teenagers than any other group, in my experience.
If you look through any anti-teenager website and replace 'teenager' with 'adult', their points are rather brillantly underpinned.
Furthering the first point I made, what is society coming to if, as the media and sterotypes and the general public would have you believe, if you're automatically a criminal when you turn thirteen and automatically stop being a criminal when, and only when, you have your thirteenth birthday.
Sure, there's some that act up in school.
The thing is, 'peer discipline' has more options open to it than being discliplined by someone in a position of trust.
Just one question for everyone,
If for example you had to hit the school 'geek' ((We'll call them Richard)), and either way you would be punished in different ways which scenario would you pick?
A: Hit Richard and get told off at best or get expelled at worst
B:Don't hit Richard and get sent to coventry at best, or at worst get severly beaten up

Teenagers are a group of people who are often suspected of crimes because of the amount of birthdays they had.

by Walking Talking Dictionary October 1, 2006
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